And now cat pictures! The ones you* asked for with the cardboard ice cream truck!

* For values of "you" that equal "one person who I assume is speaking for all of y'all."

First, this is Nefer the second day she was experimenting with the Sit In the Tub and Yowl Game. She jumped onto the edge of the tub when I came in, expecting pets.

And now...the ice cream truck!

Sora was scared of it, naturally. Until I put CATNIP inside.

Note how he is carefully not stepping all the way inside, in case it turns out to be a snaky CAT GETTER.

And a shot of how the cats typically interact, although it's a bit more angry than usual because of the catnip, which makes Sora paranoid. They do take turns attacking each other, so neither one is always the bully.

Then Nefer got inside the truck, to see what it was all about.

"Is someone behind me watching me? I think someone's watching me..."


And finally Toby trying to entice one or the other of the cats back inside the truck, and failing because they's rather sit on the cardboard packing box that the pieces of the truck came in.

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