Our good deed for the day

Crossposted from Glamorous in Retrospect. Author: Stephanie.

Trudging through the ice and snow to Nijo Castle, Toby found a very nice Sony phone lying on the ground. We looked around to see if anyone had obviously just dropped it, but no one was close enough.

So he picked it up and we continued walking. We got to the parking office for the castle and attempted to ask if there was a Lost and Found, to no avail as the attendant spoke no English and we had no idea of the Japanese for that. But then I had an idea…..

Google Translate to the rescue!


Any of you who know Japanese can tell us how hilarious the translation is. I tried to keep my message simple so the computer wouldn’t mess it up too badly, but the guy seemed to understand and took the phone. Hopefully they can get it back to its rightful owner!

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Tags: japan trip 2014-2015
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