FInally got it to work.

For my own future reference: I ended up taking the Print Booklet off of PostScript and back to a regular printer, so that the dialogue where I could pick orientation was clickable again, changed the orientation, then set it back to print to PS. THAT worked. I have no idea why. Indesign can bite Mello's fabulous ass.

People who work with InDesign!

I need to get the program book I'm working on into a PDF of printer spreads. Here's the thing: it worked yesterday and it's not working today!

I am using Print Booklet to print to a PostScript file, then Acrobat Pro to make it a PDF, and...it's putting the LANDSCAPE original into a PORTRAIT orientation, and cutting off the pages! Screenshot under cut.

I don't know what I'm doing differently, and I can't find where to tell it to do landscape!

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Tags: indesign can bite mello's fabulous ass
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