random meme

That one where you hit the shuffle button on your music player of choice and list the first 10 tracks.

1. The Attack from the Les Miserables original London cast
2. Samurai Heart - Samurai Tamashii
3. Leanan Sidhe - Boiled in Lead, Songs from The Gypsy
4. Gaudete, gaudete! - Harry Christophers & The Sixteen, Christmas Music from Medieval and Renaissance Europe
5. Love Hurts - Nazareth, Dazed and Confused
6. Castle Kelly - Boiled in Lead, Old Lead
7. French Tunes - Boiled in Lead, Old Lead
8. Lovely Ladies from the Les Miserables original London cast
9. Looking for a Stranger - Pat Benatar, Greatest Hits
10. A Spring Reborn - CLOVER Studio, Okami Original Soundtrack

I think what we can all take from this is that my phone really likes Boiled in Lead. And that I really only listen to a small fraction of what's on my phone, since none of those above have been lsitened to in a long, long time.

Now, that particular list wasn't actually pulled from my FULL list of tracks. That was just my All Music playlist. Let's see what happens when it has ALL my audio tracks to pull from, shall we?

1. Round Dance - Revolution, J. A. Seazer/Shinkichi Mitsumune, Revolutionary Girl Utena
2. Song of the Red War-boat - Leslie Fish/Rudyard Kipling, Cold Iron
3. Yamato-no-Orochi's Revival - CLOVER Studio, Okami Original Soundtrack
4. I Hate This Town - Nick Frost, The World's End
5. FLY (Small Circle of Friends) - Tsutchie-fat jon, Samurai Champloo
6. Always With Me - Youmi Kimura, Spirited Away
7. Track 01 - Teaching Company, Birth of the Modern Mind
8. Loaded - Primal Scream, The World's End
9. Lect. 07 Pitch and Mode, Part 1 - Professor Robert Greenberg, Understanding the Fundamentals of Music (Teaching COmpany)
10. Imperial March - Star Wars techno remix

I think my phone really likes anime soundtracks.

Now let's try it one more time, but with my Recently Played playlist, which will give you a much better idea of what I actually listen to, when I listen to music.

1. Wetlands Combat - Jesper Kyd, Assassin's Creed II
2. Saren's Base - Jack Wall and Sam Hulick, Mass Effect original soundtrack
3. Title Call - CLOVER Studio, Okami Original Soundtrack
4. Medieval Carol - Oxford Camerata
5. Salve Virgo Virginu - Medieval Baebes
6. The Snow Leopard - Planet Earth Soundtrack
7. Uplink - Jack Wall and Sam Hulick, Mass Effect original soundtrack
8. Poeta - Lesiem, Illumination
9. Ryoshima Plains I - CLOVER Studio, Okami Original Soundtrack
10. Susano's Training - CLOVER Studio, Okami Original Soundtrack

Yup, that's all from my not-quite-accurately named Ambient playlist, which serves as background music that keeps me focused on something. The more songlike tracks that don't show up here pretty much get played while I'm driving and I have them on a playlist I call Drive Time, creatively enough. I've been doing more programming with distraction-free music than driving with driving music lately, so that's not on the Recently Played list.

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