I spent the past six days when not at work creating displays (i.e., PDFs that would fit into 8x10 frames when printed out) and gift certificates for my mom for a silent auction she's running for her local symphony association (at least, I think she's in charge. In charge of all the displays and certificates for sure). She, at least, is paying my money for it. :)

But at work I'm in a 2-week push to get a working copy of the new website up--it'll run in parallel with the current site all summer as I fix tings and tweak things and work on code behind the scenes--the week after finals.

And so of course I wake up this morning with a sore throat and that sinking feeling you get when you've got a cold coming on.


We ahve Ultron tickets tonight. That is going to get seen no matter what, although I might be the Typhoid Mary of the theatre. (I promise to touch as little as possible...I tend to do that anyway in public places.)

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