For those of you not up on Texas weather (what? you're not?) the Texas hill country near Austin has been having bad flooding. My aunt and uncle live along the Blanco, which flooded this weekend. They're fine--they evacuated as the water was rising. There was about 3-4 feet of water inside the house at the high point.

This is from my mom, which mean's it's gone through 1 or 2 others to get to her and may be garbled. My mother reports that workmen have ALREADY been out to rip up carpet and estimate it'll be about 6 months before the house is fully restored, but only about 2 weeks before they can move back in. They had a bunch of trees on the common land between their house and the river that are just GONE. They got all 3 cars (theirs and my cousin's) out before the water swallowed the place--my uncle got there to pick up the last car and a few last items when the water was at his ankles, and it was up to his knees on the way out. There's a high-water mark on the outside at 5 feet. Crazy--the house is a good 10-15 feet above the usual waterline.

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