Toby on Fallout 4 last night

Come on, I'm shooting a laser! You gotta know where I'm at!

Why am I carrying around the Massachusetts Medical Journal?

Ooh a fisherman's hat with lures on it!

You lose some of the creepiness of the fog with that weird horizontal artifact. Oh, wait, it's the ocean.

[when an event fails to trigger so the characters stand around in a tableau instead of conversing] Anyone? Hello? Can I stand on the Child of Atom? Not for lack of trying! See my hair? Admire it! Are you admiring it?

[to a fussy robot] You sound like my grandmother.

Shoot him in the butt! And it launches him! He gets air!

It's your own fault for falling down that I get to shoot you in the head.

I'll make you carry this shit, Nick. I'll shove it into your inventory.

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Tags: fallout 4, gaming
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