Portray a sense of pessimism with a corset and gryphons.

Yes! It's ...... the Random Art Prompt Generator!

Featuring a choice of simple (one word or phrase) prompts or elaborate (two or more elements)!

And if you do anything inspired by this, please show me! (if anyone actually does anything with it, I might create an online gallery for it. :D)
Tags: art prompts, generator, random
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Hmmm. Looking over the generator, I wanted to provide some feedback:

1) I'd rank more than one level of complexity - like a prompt that has two elements between the two.
2) The elaborate ones are a pretty mixed bag. I can't put my finger on it, but it feels like it works sometimes, and other times it doesnt - as if you still need to divide up the data or combine them in some different ways.

You did manage to find a balance on how to do this - something I actually gave up one when I tried an art prompt generator.
1) Hm. I'll think about it - I have a tendency to overdo that, so I go in intending to do just three ranks and end up with six or eight. XD

(Also, the way I'm doing it is if you pick one, you go to one data file, if you pick the other, you go to another data file. I'm sure there's a better way to do that to keep it in one data file, so I don't have to remember to update more than one file if I add data.)

2) Yeah. I'll have to spend a few days not looking at it, to get it out of my brain, before I can see better ways of fiddling with the data. :D Concrete elements vs. non-concrete elements might be one, but I dunno so far. I may also need to edit the data more - I did a fairly quick job of taking out everything that was obviously unsuitable (well, for a random definition of "unsuitable." I suppose you *could* draw "a telepathic person", and someone might consider it quite a challenge or a reason to draw characters from Babylon 5, but I took it out anyway. :D)


I forgot where the other generator was. =O
Both Cool Bits and Kinkfic are linked from that page, if you haven't found them already. :D


10 years ago

Create a piece in an action art style. Using orange colors, evoke a sense of jealousy and place the subject in a magical land
This one could very easily be Naruto fanart. I am curious however why there is no period at the end? All of the other prompts had periods.
That would be known as a typo in the data file. :) There's a prompt that has a comma and a period at the end, too, and I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet. :)


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago

Neat! Not too many complaints here.

Thanks! :D


9 years ago


9 years ago


So one morning, I was bored as hell and decided to google up "art prompt". Guess what I found? If your random art generator is your answer, DING DING DING.

I wanted to see what your elaborate generator would pull up and it gave me "This is a tomboy in Venice, with a theme of raindrops".

I laughed SO freaking hard, I could not help but draw it!

This is the wonderful result!

(for some reason, the word tomboy reminds me of an orphan, which in turn reminds me of Oliver Twist. Ha!)

Deleted comment

Hee! Cool! XD
I love it. I painted one inspired by a complex one, but it wasn't exactly what the prompt had said. it ended being a painting of time square in New York. The prompt I had gotten waslike City at night or something.
Awesome! :D
Hi - I plan to use your prompts for my 365 project for the month of March.
Cheers Maggie
Awesome! Have fun with it! :D
Ive actually been using this generator thingy for a long time now and I figured I should press one of the links. I didn't realize that I could actually tell you how much I like it. I tend to use it really frequently and I seriously love it. Its like, the perfect thing to get rid of any blocks of inspiration in my head.