I have not told you all about the MOSTEST AWESOMEST model that I picked up from a convenience store in Japan. You see, next to all the anime figurines at one conbini was a selection of cylindrical squat boxes, with pictures of stuff Leonardo da Vinci had designed all over them. rachelmanija encouraged me to get one, and it turned out that I purchased a scale model of a war machine of some ilk. I had not shown it previously because I broke it while I was unpacking it, and it required some epoxy to be able to show it off properly.

It's about 2.5" tall and about 4" at its longest point. And it works, too - if you drag it across a surface with enough friction or that allows the spikes on the wheels to catch, the blades on top spin around and the spiky clubs stand straight out and whap whatever's in their way. Presumably, also, the men or oxes pulling the contraption, too - if they don't have a low profile, the tongue of the wagon ought to be a bit longer. But then they'd be vulnerable to attack and not protected by the spiky things.

I wonder how big the thing was supposed to be?

And now, for one pic of Kenpachi and Yachiru, my new electronic toys...

Now, wouldn't that laptop be MADE OF AWESOME if I had a decal that looked like this covering up that Gateway logo?

And now my upstairs neighbors appear to ahve removed whtever was making their washing machine go off-balance, and go THUNKA THUNKA THUNKA THUNKA so I can actually go to bed.
Tags: japan trip, leonardo da vinci, my ipod died so i bought a laptop, toys
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