Results of weekend-long mad cleaning spree:

Living/TV area: clean and tidy, except for handheld vacuum claener and box in middle of floor.

Kitchen: clean & tidy except for small pile of boxes of garbage bags on floor.

Bathroom: clean & tidy (with shiny baseboards!)

Bedroom: clean & tidy except for bedside table with stuff piled on it, suitcase with stuff piled in it, loveseat with clothes-for-Goodwill piled on it, and vacuum cleaner in corner. We won't mention the closet.

Studio/work area: pigsty still, but less so than before.

Storage/exercise* area: pigsty still.

Cat: kind of freaked out.

Me: tired, sore, achy, and with a headache from not enough sleep. (woke up Sunday after 5 hours, but didn't go to bed last night early enough to make up for it.) Plus with vague idea for Bleach fic, which I am not quite sure yet is ready for committing to pixels in any way, including notes.

ETA: P.S. Don't ask me about my car; I don't know anything more yet and I'm tired of talking about it.

* The living room is obnoxiously long and completely useless for arranging in such a way as to utilize it well, so I solved that problem some time ago by blocking off part of it with shelves and a screen and piling stuff back there.
Tags: state of camp telophase
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