It all started...

...this morning when eegatland linked to a Playmobil play set entitled "Captive Prince." I thought it was simultaneously awesome - they're usually Captured Princesses, right? - and completely and utterly silly. And decided that what I needed to do was run a contest over on bish_a_day in January, to encourage posting, and feature him as a prize. So I ordered him. And I went by Target on my way home to see if I could get him a companion.

Here's a picture I grabbed from eBay of the Captive Prince set:

As you can see, he comes with a neck-chain, his own bucket, no less then three ladles, it seems, and two rats to call his very own. (I have no idea if the guard with the slop-bucket is part of the set or not.)

There were some good options online for someone to come to his rescue (or capture him, if you're so inclined), but I was limited to what they had available at Target. After pausing for a very long time over the Roman gladiator, who came with a lion (dude, they have a whole Roman line!! With an arena! And a ship with SPQR on the sail! And legionnaries! I WANT!!), I went for the Black Knight, as seen below in something I grabbed from amazon.com:

I chose him because he was cheaper his round featureless eyes behind the helmet made him look like he was wearing glasses, which was a bit incongruous. Here's an out-of-focus picture of the box I shot before my camera decided it didn't want to work today:

He's got a battle-ax and a sword! Perfect for fighting his way into the dungeons and giving to the Prince so they can fight their way out together!

I had to open the box, just because. So, whoever's getting it: you're not getting a mint, pristine figure in box. Deal.

And then ... I saw something else. Something so utterly ridiculous, I had to buy it (especially as it was only $3). I saw...the Riot Police and Punk Kit:

Dude!! The punk has tattoos! And a bandolier!! And a Maglite!!! AND THEY ARE HANDCUFFED TOGETHER!

I managed to get one picture of them before my camera went out. Unfortunately, I can't show you the goofy little grin on the face of the cop, but I can show you the come-hither expression in the punk's eyes:

The cop has a baton, and comes equipped with a pistol. One of the eBay auctions I saw for them called them "Cop and Robber," but I'm all: dude, that's no robber! No mere robber threatens a policemen with a Maglite like that! He's gotta be a full-scale rioter.

I'm sure there are some of you out there going: oh come on, telophase! You're ruining my childhood by reading all this stuff into it! DUDE! NO! LOOK AT THEM! IT'S ALL THERE!

Contest won't officially be announced until January. :D I think I'll be putting the names of everyone who posts in January into a hat and drawing from them.
Tags: ruining your childhood
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