I really think I'm achieving crack here...

Aleksandur: Genius Aleksandur knows where his interest lies: a lover. He is a/an ex-minion, and also a lover, due to being fabulous.

Ryo: He is both outgoing and amoral. Because of shapechanging, he feels he can't hope for material success. Ryo, a/an American football player, once tried to fix things by reading lots of shoujo manga, which got him into his current mess. His aim is an end to war.

Andrei: Genius Andrei knows where his interest lies: hope for the future. He is a/an American football player, and also a ninja, due to being violent.

Pau: He is a/an figure skater who's mostly focused on nothing but surfing the web. Additionally, he is a/an sumo wrestler who loves spying on the government. Over time, Pau begins to want a soul, but can't figure out how to achieve that.

Aleksandur: All he wants is to attain his goals through wishing on a star. Over time, Aleksandur begins to want hope for the future, but can't figure out how to achieve it.

Julia: Superficially, Julia seems angelic but when denied her goals, her inner international Scrabble champion awakes. She once handled her problems by eating out at expensive restaurants, which got her into her current predicament.

Nermin: Nermin wants a/an a mariage for love on the way to her ultimate goal of someone precious to protect, but she has so far been thwarted by fate. She decides to proceed by developing amnesia.

Yoko: She wants to achieve the goal of the destruction of all humans. She looks like a/an courteous boxer, but is really a/an angel who secretly longs to be a/an assassin.

Linnea: She is both tall and lazy. Because of fighting for justice, she feels she can't hope for material success. Linnea, a/an sharpshooter, once tried to fix things by investigating the roots of an ancient crime, which got her into her current mess. Her aim is breaking a certain person's neck.

Elen: She is crossdressing and happy. She survives by striking out alone.

Karlo: He is gallant and underweight. He survives by always wearing a mask.

Fanni: The elementary school student Fanni once handled things by marrying a demon, which got her into her current situation. She is also a/an adventurer and is obsessed with a life.

Richard: He looks like a/an typical vampire, but in reality he is a/an disfigured rocker. He wants to live by attending a top school on scholarship.

Vitória: Tall Vitória knows what's important: a soul. She is also a/an underachieving member of the Shinsengumi. She wishes to achieve her goal by acting as the power behind the throne.

Aiko: The rude Aiko knows what she goal is: escaping from an experimental facility. She is a/an zombie who looks like an ordinary mangaka, but in reality she is a/an soldier.

Shou: Shou lives for getting married. Superficially, he seems agoraphobic but when thwarted, his inner crossdresser is roused. He decides to proceed by never giving up.

Next: fix typos and grammar/wording mess-ups in the bios. And write a routine to choose 'a' or 'an' depending on the first letter of the next word. Then I get to start in on the plot!
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