In the hotel in Austin now, very very tired. The texts to LJ about the hydrangea-eating cat were because after I packed the computer up and was waiting for myrialux to come by and pick me up for the journey, Sora sniffed the elderly hydrangeas in the vase before me on the coffee table, as he is wont to do, and then as he is not wont to do, took a bite. I eventually figured out that he only ate one petal and not the main body of the flower, so after wintersweet texted me that eating the flower head could cause vomiting and a couple of other symptoms, I decided he'd eaten only a very small amount and half an hour of observation until myrialux picked me up would be enough. Sora was his usual alternately sweet and surly teenage self, and I declared him OK. And removed the hydrangeas from his reach in case he got a wild hair to eat them again. I doubt it, as I think the petal he ate got stuck to the roof of his mouth and he went through a lot of contortions to get it down, an I don't think he was eager to repeat the experience. :)

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Tags: kitten
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