"Help Dela harness her psi powers by connecting these neurons in the right order."

Yes, I caved and bought the game based on Marjorie Liu's paranormal romance Tiger Eye. I'd seen way too much squeeing over the cracktasticness of her romances going by on my f-list, and thought the idea of a game would be even more cracktastic.

Have been playing for about 15 minutes. So far: very easy. I think it's a game designed for non-gamers, and is primarily a puzzle game - probably what I imagine dating sims with plot to be. You get a little bit of story, then you get to solve a simple puzzle loosely based on the events. (I do rather hope that the puzzles get a bit harder later on...)

More review later, after Part I is finished (yes, they're releasing it in parts, but there's only 2). Reasonably priced, though, as a download for $6.99. PC only, Mac coming next month.

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Tags: game: tiger eye
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