Actual True Conversation

Me: *goes into hall bathroom, shuts door, opens door again immediately*
Me: Toby? Was there a horrible crash at some point today?

Toby: Yes! I looked around, but couldn't figure out what it was. I guess the cats knocked something over.

Me: I think I figured out what it was. Come in here.

Toby: *enters hall bathroom* Holy shit.

Turns out the mirror mounted on the wall above the sink and counter fell off, but amazingly didn't fall *over* and shatter on the floor. Instead, it ended up sitting on the counter behind the faucet and handles, with only a wee little bit of breakage on one corner, which had hit a ceramic bowl full of empty glass perfume bottles and totally failed to damage either bowl or bottles. There were a few tiny shards of glass on the floor, and at least one on the bath mat. I'm not using the mat until it can be washed, and we ran Sparky the Roomba through the room and it seems to have gotten the other shards. Although I'm planning on wearing my fuzzy bunny slippers in there instead of going barefoot for the next week or so.

Adding that to discovering that my car's inspection was overdue all adds up with the things I posted earlier to make this one hell of a day.

I feel quite lucky that I got out of all of this with almost no data loss, no stains on my clothes, no ticket, and no loss of blood! I should buy a lottery ticket!

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