Infused vodka

So Toby got a vodka infusion kit from my mom for Christmas a year ago, and has made the occasional infused vodka since. Tonight as an experiment, he made an espresso-infused vodka from a recipe I found online. He only made a cup and a half of it, which us good, because it's pretty harsh. :) We both agree it would be much better mixed into something, but neither if us are having much luck considering what. So I turn to you, o intartubes! Ideas for things in which to use an espresso-flavored vodka would be welcomed, be they drink or food! I suspect something like the miniature Kentucky Derby Winners Circle pies I made today might work--think pecan pies with chocolate and a touch of bourbon. Since coffee goes well with chocolate, replacing the tablespoon of bourbon* with a tablespoon or less of this stuff might make it a mocha pecan pie. Hmmmmm.

* ok, Welsh whisky, Penderyn, because we have no bourbon. It was YUMMY.

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