Walk 15 minutes 1 mi. Total: 956 mi. From Lorien: 98 mi. Still grey and overcast.

Walked around all three floors of the library at lunch; haven't been able to walk outside because of snow and ice*, although that's currently not a problem as it's in the high 60s/low 70s today, I beleive. Also, I need to figure out something to do in the later spring and summer, when it's too hot for me to walk outside for very long without triggering a migraine from overheating, and working out a path through the library may be best. Although I felt self-conscious today walking around; I shall probably carry a book with me next time to make it look like I fit in. :D

Not giving up the bike, but trying to add load-bearing exercise to the routine, as I need it for BONES BONES BONES.

I have no idea what the mileage is; probably half a mile. Rounding it up to 1 to make it easy on me.

Still using the increasingly inaccurate tag "bike".

* Our neighborhood doesn't have sidewalks, so we have to walk in the street and NO WAY am I going to do that when there's the least little bit of ice on the streets

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