Very sleepy. Crap sleep last night - okay I had some intense, interesting dreams, but I remembered a lot of them and that was because I was on the edge of waking up a lot, and did so at least three times, then gave up and got up at 6. And I had chronic, low-grade stress gnawing at me all day as I had a number of small things go wrong or not quite go right, none of which would have been a problem in and of themselves, but when happening all together...? And there's someone I want to smack for reasons that shall remain between me and another person (but who is NOT reading this, because I do not post even deeply veiled references to people on my f-list like that,* so if you're reading this, it's not you).

* I might refer to someone with a "Someone on my f-list is having a very bad day," or something sympathetic/innocuous like that, but I wouldn't bitch about anyone who might read it.

Solution: turn off the intartubes, crawl into bed, and listen to Nigel Planer read Pratchett's Carpe Jugulum to me until I fall asleep.

Good night.

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Tags: state of camp telophase
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