Currently reading: And Furthermore, by Judi Dench. Loose collection of reminiscences about her acting career, arranged in chronological order. Not very far in, enjoying the ramblingness of it quite well. Also amazed at the photos of her in her younger days, as while she was pretty then, she didn't get stunning until later.

My one Judi Dench story is that a few years back Mom and I were in London, and Mom had gotten us tickets to see her in The Royal Family, which is a play about a dysfunctional theatre family loosely based on the Barrymores, IIRC. Dench played the matriarch and in her grand death scene she was holding a wineglass as she collapsed backwards into a chair, and when she threw her arm up as she did so, the glass fell on the floor and smashed (as it clearly was supposed to do), but a chunk of it flew out into the audience and nailed some poor sap right in the head (as it clearly was not supposed to do). :)

Judi Dench is ♥

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