You know what I hate?

Wordpress plugins that include nifty libraries, classes, and hooks that you can use to act on items ... who then give as examples of their usage, special cases and not typical cases.

Context: FeedWordPress, which is doing what I want it to do, scrape items from the Facebook ConDFW fan page feed and post them to Wordpress as individual posts. However, as you don't have the option to put in a title on regular Facebook status updates, it posts the full item in the title field and in the post body field. :/

Enter said libraries, classes, and hooks. FeedWordPress has some nifty hooks you can use to act on various bits of the feed, and I simplified hacked a sample plugin they had to replace the title with "Update from Facebook," and that works beautifully. I'd like to add the date and time the item was posted to Facebook, but the examples for the published, updated, and created hooks are using Google Calendars, which as far as I can tell are different than your typical RSS feeds when it comes to the dates, which means the example is no good when it comes to explaining how to use it on other RSS feeds. Aaargh!

ETA: Or maybe not? Making a calendar I don't use public and getting the RSS feed for it shows a feed that looks about the same ... but I can't make the logic woooork! *whine*

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Tags: condfw, facebook, whinging, wordpress
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