Migraine + Kinect

1) Migraine day today. Went to bed with minor headache, woke up with major one. Relpax appears to have staved off the worst of it, but took the day off work anyway as am totally blaaaaaaaaah in that way that migraines do that, and also very tired. Will probably nap soon.

2) We rearranged the living room yesterday, because we bought Kinect for XBox. I enjoy messing about with WiiFit and figured the Kinect would just give me more options to make a fool of myself in the privacy of my own home, and myrialux agreed. We got it Saturday morning and set it up temporarily, then discovered that the couch got in the way because you needed a much larger open space to play with it than you do for WiiFit. A few minutes' introspection gave us a way we could rearrange that side of the living room so that we could shove the couch back when we wanted to play and bring it forward when we wanted to watch TV. Not our favorite arrangement of the room -- we rather liked it the way it was -- but it was either that or return the Kinect. And we do both feel a bit like dorks for rearranging just to suit a game.

The Kinect is sort of interesting - it's kinda nifty to interact with it by hand gestures -- which often include obscene gestures because myrialux and I are both twelve. The games are fun as long as you don't mind looking like a doofus, and at least on Kinect Adventures, the game that came with the Kinect, the two-player option is cooperative play rather than competitive, which I also really like. (We also bought Kinect Sports, or something like that, but haven't tried it yet.) Kinect Adventures also takes still photos of you at points during play and saves them and tells you in a rather jaunty fashion that you can post them to the Internet! and let me tell you that will not be happening.

I am also pleased to report that for Kinect Adventures, coordination is really not required. You just need to flail in a random manner in more-or-less the correct area for it to take. :) There's one game on the disc in which you're in a glass enclosure under water which fish randomly ram into and crack, and you have to use your hands, feet (and occasionally head) to cover up the leaks that spring out of the cracks. That one requires a bit more precision than most at times, but at least it doesn't seem to LET YOU DROWN HORRIBLY AFTER BEING RAMMED BY AN EVIL HAMMERHEAD.

We have also discovered that you can usually see an icon of a camera being flashed onscreen as they take the still, so you can carefully arrange your hands into the most obscene gesture possible under the circumstances, although in some games you're too involved to notice it.

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