myrialux and I actually hung out with friends last night. One of my mom's Christmas gifts to myrialux was a trip to the Rahr Brewery's* Wednesday or Saturday brewery tour with me and 2 friends. So we made arrangements with puppleball and another friend, and showed up at Rahr at 5PM. It's $7/person, which gets you a souvenir glass and 3 pints of beer.**

The tour part mostly consists of wandering by the bottling line on the way to where they serve the free beer. :) Now, I don't actually like beer*** but I took a glass anyway so we'd have two at home, and enjoyed hanging out with our friends.

After that, we went to Tokyo Cafe which is a sushi place that serves a few things other than sushi and the generic teriyaki/katsudon that most sushi places serve, and for once I actually did what I had threatened to do before and got a non-sushi entree: pan-seared panko-crusted salmon with wasabi mashed potatoes and soy-marinated white asparagus. Mmmmmmm.

And then we got home and sat around petting the cats until I got too sleepy and staggered off to bed.

Also, the first day of giving up sweet stuff and I managed to accidentally fail: while I did resist ordering a Coke and just had hot tea at Tokyo Cafe, they gave us mints at the end of the meal and I completely forgot about it and ate one, remembering only when it was too late. Oops! Well, today is another day...

* Local microbrewer.
** Wacky Texas law: breweries can't sell beer directly from the brewery -- it has to go to a retailer. But they can sell souvenir glasses and give beer away. There's a measure or something going up in the House this spring to try to strike that law down, and they had a petition and letters there for people to sign in support of doing so.
*** It's the hops. Too bitter.

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