In other news today, I woke up with a headache and went to work. It returned, and I decided to finally take my meds now rather than later, when they wouldn't be able to take away the worst of the migraine.

And discovered the hard way that yes, I really do need to have more food on my stomach before taking them. :P When it hit the point that I was camping out in the bathroom in case I threw up, I decided that yes, I really needed to go home. So went home, Toby got food for me, which helped, and then I took a three-hour nap-ish thing.*

Feeling better now, although not 100%. We went out for Thai food, as Toby was craving pad Thai, and I had tilapia with ginger sauce, which was not at all spicy (wasn't sure my stomach could handle spicy), and which was very good.

I guess it's spring, huh?

* I slept some in there, but not sure how much. I listened to podcasts the rest of it.

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Tags: migraine, state of camp telophase
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