Jury duty today - was called in on Friday, but the afternoon court was cancelled, so I was assigned to one that met on Tuesday. Got there, sat around a lot, had the roll called, sat around some more, was sent on break, sat around a lot more, then eventually the bailiff came out and let us know that the parties had decided to negotiate a settlement rather than face the combined wrath of 60 bored potential jurors. So I got sent home at that point. Whee!

We also took delivery of our new chaise longue, which goes in the master bedroom and provides a nice spot to curl up and read when, say, someone is playing loud video games in the living room. :)

Toby's brother came over and Sora overcame his fear of everybody else in the universe long enough to come out and sit on the back of the sofa for a while. Wouldn't let anyone but me touch him, though. That's still much braver than he's ever been before, so he got lots of petting when he was close enough to me to be touched. :)

ETA: Also finally got to eat at the Yum-Yum Food Truck, one of Fort Worth's local food trucks. Tex-Mex, serving tacos, burritos, and burgers, and it was, indeed, yum-yum. A++ would seek out again.

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