Last night I dreamed I was taking a GRE prep course that [personal profile] rachelmanija was teaching. I'd missed the first couple of classes, and at the wrap-up, when she told the class "Don't forget E.K.G. and [three other initials I forgot]!!" I raised my hand, explained I missed the first lessons and would she explain, please?

She did so, and I remember that E = Education and K = the Key, but none of the others. The gist of the two acronyms was, however, that studying hard and getting an education would raise you from the lower class to the middle class. I was puzzled as to how this applied to me, seeing as how I was already middle class, and questioned the utility of the acronyms, with "This doesn't apply to me! I'm already a librarian!"* but [personal profile] rachelmanija got a sort of strange look on her face and didn't reply.

Then I noticed she was wearing a mic. After class, when she was no longer miked, I asked her if the company she worked for was recording her teaching, and she said yes.

After that, it went off into whatever-land, as both of us split into two copies of ourselves, and one [personal profile] rachelmanija went off to work, and the other one stayed with me, and the other [personal profile] telophase turned out to be evil. And there was something about a comic shop.

* Which doesn't have that much to do with what economic/social class you are except for affording to pay for grad school, really.

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