Question on InDesign...

...does anyone out there know how to add a page to the front of the document without messing up the page numbering? As in, I have a digital book I've put together* that I'm uploading to Lulu for a print-on-demand kinda thing, but I also want to create an ebook version for which I need to add the cover at the front of the document. If I'm making sense.

The answer is probably out there online or in the Help, but I'm sleepy enough that I can't come up with the proper search terms at the moment.

I used to be able to do this in Acrobat Pro, but it seems that didn't come with my CS5 setup, and the version I have is probably too old to install onto Win7.

* Which I've discussed before under f-lock, but not this specific plan publicly as it's a surprise for someone who occasionally reads my f-list.

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Tags: akicilj, indesign
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