Seekrit Project!

Yay, my grandfather has received his copy of the Seekrit Project so I can now post openly about it!

As many of you know, my family lived in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania for a couple of years in my childhood while my dad did research for his dissertation. Mom wrote a bunch of letters home to my grandparents during that time, which they saved and we now have. A couple of years back, I spent some time typing the letters in and scanning the photos she sent back with them, and more recently collated them together into a book, which I had printed at Lulu.com. Mom and I each got a copy, and sent one to my grandfather. We'd been intending to do this for a year and a half now, and it finally got done. Woo!

My Lulu.com page - I don't really expect anyone to buy copies of the book, but made them publicly available on the off-chance. :) There's supposed to be previews there, but I can't find them, so have some PDF previews!

Ebook preview - Due to the layout, which I fixed in stone before the e-reader boom, it looks good on the computer and the iPad but not a Kindle or Nook.

B & W preview - Print version, with the photos converted to B&W because the color ones are stupidly expensive.

Color preview - If you buy a copy of this one, you are me or my mother because no way would anyone else spend that much money on it. :)

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