Things Wot I Have Done Today

1) Woken up with a migraine.

2) Called in sick.

3) Taken Relpax.

4) Discovered new symptom of migraines: mild, slight visual distortion. Would never have noticed it if I weren't curled up reading the Kindle at the time, but things consisting of many parallel lines like, say, the Kindle, look a little bit like parallelograms or rhombuses. Other objects look normal, as they either don't have parallel lines or do have too much perspective to be able to tell if the lines are slightly off. (Tested with and without glasses.) Went away after an hour or so.

5) Feeling much better, went to ADHD doc for routine appt. Verdict: still ADHD, but doing fine.

6) Started a Tumblr called Things That Scare My Cat. Queued up a month's worth of daily posts, which consist of all the things I've posted here previously. :)

Things Wot I Have Not Done Today

1) Written anything on the blank Word doc that is destined to become my Hooded Utilitarian post for tomorrow.

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Tags: migraine, state of camp telophase
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