Thing We Saw!

In my previous post, I mentioned the Interesting or Creepy thing Toby and I saw on our walk today. It was as we left the house - I happened to look down at the doorstep there there, huddling in a little tiny ball against the door, was...

(rot13.com if you have phobias and want to check before seeing the pic: Nenpuavq! Ovt sng bar!)

A Texas brown tarantula!

Toby gently encouraged it with a stick to leave the vicinity of the front door and go out into one of the areas of planting that border the walk. Poor thing was probably freezing in the unseasonal cold (52.9° at the moment) weather. The Wikipedia page says they eat cockroaches, but I still don't want it in the house, guilty as I feel for turfing it out of the warmest spot it could find.

It was nowhere in evidence when we got back from the walk.

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