I have been watching too much Say Yes to the Dress* and River Monsters; last night I dreamed that I worked in a clothing store that included a bridal salon, and I was getting married. As I worked there, I decided I needed a dress from there. At some point, I was aware that the salon was flooded, and my fiancee and I rode a giant marlin around as it leaped through the store.

Also, in non-dream-related news, when it comes to River Monsters I am now going to be forever suspicious of the show's claiming that Jeremy Wade is out in the back of beyond every time: in last night's ep, which talked about the most bizarre creatures he's encountered, one of them was the Amazonian river dolphin. He was filmed standing on a platform in the middle of the Amazon river (and swimming around it, feeding dolphins), and his voiceover says that he's told that "the locals" feed the dolphins from here.

Yeah, well, I've seen the Stephen Fry version of Last Chance to See, where he went to the very same platform on a side-trip during the manatee episode, and it's owned by a luxury eco-hotel, and the "locals" Wade refers to, while they are, indeed, local, are employees of the selfsame hotel who feed the dolphins to ensure that they'll come up to the platform when tourists want to see them.

* My current guilty-pleasure trashy TV show. The dresses appeal to my inner costumer, and I get to be appalled at the wedding marketing machine.

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Tags: dreams, river monsters
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