State of the Telophase

I ended up buying a lot of manga because [profile] myrialux got a new computer.

It happened this way: the new iMacs were announced and Toby immediately put in his order - he needed a new computer, and had been waiting for the day. He got the computer and rearranged his office - we got a new printer as well, which went back into my office - and got rid of one of his Towers of Power.* It went back into my office, and I got rid of a few things, including two bookcases**, and moved my desk and table 90 degrees and shoved them against the now-empty wall.

As a result of moving the manga over to another bookcase, I finally arranged them into series order, which means I could easily see which ones I had and which ones I needed, and then put in a massive order, which arrived last night. Naturally, I read John Scalzi's Fuzzy Nation instead of manga.

Purchases: several volumes each of xxxHolic and Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo, an omnibus edition of Mushishi 8-10, two volumes each of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service and Natsume's Book of Friends, the latest volume of Blade of the Immortal, and the first volume of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan.***

And in other news, my exercising on Sunday managed to trigger a migraine that's lasted until now, pretty much. It's one of the light ones that goes away if I take the meds, but comes back when they're worn off. It's almost completely gone now, except for a wee little bit of pressure behind my left ear, but as we had thunderstorms last night**** and may have them this morning, I am dubious it'll completely go.

And Workout B of Stage Two of the New Rules of Lifting for Women kicked my ass last night, and I shall probably feel it later on today!

* Tower shelf thing that holds computer equipment and peripherals.

** I can feel your wincing from here! But after my huge manga and fiction purge of a few months back, I had enough empty shelf space to be able to condense the books into the seven bookcases I had left and get rid of two, which were cheapo things anyway. Blame ebooks for this - I buy very few hardcopy books now. The cases are just sitting in the garden room now - if any of you are (a) in the area and (b) own a vehicle capable of carrying them, you are WELCOME to come get them.

*** Going to be contributing to an anime blog run by a friend, my bits focusing on yokai and other supernatural elements from current manga and anime - Nura either is running or just ran on Japanese television and is up on Crunchyroll right now.

**** Reason why I wasn't online last night - our house is old and none of the outlets except for two we made the management company fix are grounded, so when it thunders I unplug my computer to keep power surges and lightning from frying it. I grew up in a house with power that went out just about every time we had a thunderstorm, so it's business as usual, actually.

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