Right, some time ago I posted a link to QWOP, the world's most difficult game, although I didn't bother to tag it anything unique so I can't find it at the moment. In case you missed that, or need reminding, it's a Flash game in which you control a runner using the Q W O and P keys. "Control" being loosely applied here - what usually happens is you manage to stagger a couple of steps, then fall over in a heap. Video and commentary on it.

Well, someone on Reddit posted Real Life QWOP (WAAIT before clicking there! The runner broke his leg, in case that squicks you. Now you can click with knowledge.) Comments from the thread informed me that the maker of QWOP had done an AMA (Ask Me Anything). Which also led me to find a video of another insane game, Sumotori Dreams, a sumo game, in which it seems you have only marginally more control over the characters, and I've been sitting here giggling madly at it for about ten minutes.

ETA: A shorter video of Sumotori Dreams. (The guy who did commentary on QWOP also did commentary on Sumotori, but I haven't watched it.)

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