Today is the first day I've been reliably human since Thursday. Five days of a cold plus one day of a migraine (and I have no idea what triggered it). I haven't even left the house since Wednesday night.

I also did pretty much nothing but sleep and eat. I have no idea why people on the CalorieKing forums worry about keeping to their calories when they're sick or after surgery ... you're SICK. You need ENERGY. Okay, I'd probably have been better off with foods somewhat more nutritious than Ding Dongs and chili dogs but I'm not going to worry overly much about it...I actually lost half a pound while sick.

In other news, had a new twist on the standard school anxiety dream - I dreamed that it was the first day of classes and I hadn't bothered to look up what classes I had that semester, so at 7 AM I was frantically flipping through a published catalog of sorts that listed your name and what classes you were signed up for, but couldn't find my name in it. And there was a giant wall of bookshelves made up of boxes stacked on each other that fell over.

ETA: Also you guys need to remind me to go by the pharmacy and pick up my refills. I keep forgetting to.

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