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a frog the size of texas

March 9th, 2006

08:04 am - congrats!

Everyone go congratulate mateoida for making it into the finalists of the Rising Stars of Mangawith her story "Girl/Boy"!

12:07 pm - Memeage

Uh .... okay?Collapse )

via rustybitch

01:40 pm - linkage

Via Jean Snow:

The trailer for the new Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell) film, Fast Food Bandits. It's animated, but it's using anime animation techniques and stereotypes on photographs of people. I think it's got the potential to be either really entertaining or immensely annoying. Either way, I'll catch it when I can.

02:52 pm - I am now very hungry...

I'd intended to sit down last night with my cookbooks and make a grocery list with several dishes to make tonight and this weekend, but forgot to. And today I realized: I work in a library, it's bound to have cookbooks. Yup, it does.

and now I really really wnat to try thisCollapse )

I also checked out The Anthropologists' Cookbook on the basis of the title. It appears to be a collction of info about eating and meal customs around the world, with sample recipes.

05:42 pm - Lemming time!

My yaoi stereotypeCollapse )

07:25 pm - RSOM Reviews Part 1

My reviews of the first ten finalists in this year's Rising Stars of Manga contest.

The very very short version is: having a year between contests instead of six months worked to the best. The art and stories are significantly better than the majority of last year's entries.

Read more...Collapse )

The small, tiny, egotistical part of myself wants to know how many of the people who did these read my analyses. XD

09:55 pm - RSOM Reviews Part 2

And the final 10 of my reviews of this year's Rising Stars of Manga finalists.

What I really have to say to everyone who is thinking of entering the next one: you know that the finalists will be posted online. Use a bigger font, dammit! Nobody will vote for your story if they can't read your story!

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