I have finally found a reason to learn to knit* -- days when I have a migraine that allows me to listen to podcasts, and none of the books I have I want to read.

I have the dregs of a migraine today, but not enough to keep me finishing work today. I went in to the doc this morning about them, as I am taking more Relpax per month than you're really supposed to. She is currently theorizing that tension headaches are triggering migraine in me so I am to use the muscle relaxant she prescribed me for my back (which I ended up not needing to take) right before I go to sleep if I've got a migraine brewing**, on the basis that relieving the tension may prevent it from happening, and I've got a scrip for Phenergan, to use as an abortive if that doesn't work. And instructions that it makes you drowsy, so maybe try half a pill at first.

We shall see.

* There are very few knitted things that I have actually liked and/or wanted. But, you know, random knitted objects that I never actually finish but which occupy my hands while I listen to something ... that, I might could do.

** I know they're quite habit-forming and will be careful! Toby will keep an eye on me, as his doc once wrote the instructions wrong and he ended up going off of it cold turkey, which SUCKED.

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