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a frog the size of texas

January 3rd, 2007

09:05 am - Death Note

batwrangler let me know that Boing Boing's just discovered Death Note. :)

10:30 am

Lemming-like, I postCollapse )

10:55 am

Yes! I am validated!

(NY Times link - use BugMeNot if necessary. Via The Daily Headache.)

01:21 pm - Decant circle...

...but not run by me, for once. :) loligo is exploring the possibility or a decant circle for the 13 Snake Pit scents that are part of the latest Carnaval Diabolique update at BPAL (scroll aaaaall the way down to "Faiza's Companions: The Snake Pit"). If you're interested, let her know.
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