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a frog the size of texas

January 6th, 2007

02:22 pm - Kingdom Hearts

Finally, finally, finally got the last two Mystery Goos that I'd been hunting for HOURS, and the Ultima Keyblade is mine!

Now to the Hades Cup, and Sephiroth.

06:40 pm - Yeeeowch!

So far, Sephiroth has handed my ass to me on a platter twice. I think my problem is that my lousy TV has the sound balance off so I can't hear him saying "Descend Heartless Angel"* in time to get the hell away from him.

Mind you, I'm mostly distracted because it uses the same music as FFVII, which means I am now singing THIS during the fight, which is not good for the concentration and probably just pisses Sephiroth off.

* yes, I know it's slightly garbled and fairly quick - on the bright side, I can't actually ID Lance Bass as his voice, so I don't get distracted by going "Lance Bass?!"

11:40 pm - WORSHIP ME!

For I have beaten Kingdom Hearts. Although not Sephiroth. I saved him in another slot so I could go back and fight him at lesiure, because I wanted to finish the damn thing already.

And it only took me ..... a hundred and six hours and forty-five minutes.

Hey, it's the first videogame of this sort I've ever played.

I think I may now put in KHII...
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