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a frog the size of texas

January 12th, 2007

04:21 pm - Friends purge!

In the interests of boredom tidying up my friendspage, I jsut went trhough and took some LJs off my friendslist. My criteria was that I didn't remember whoever it was commenting or posting too recently, but I KNOW my memory is faulty (well, there's over 240 journals on that list!), and I probably clicked the wrong little box in a couple of places, so if you were on it and are now suddenly no longer seeing my friends-only entries and want back on, drop a note here and let me know. I didn't drop anyone for being boring or anything like that, just to clear out the LJs that didn't really need to be on the list. :)

OMG it just got dark outside. I think the front just hit. I believe I will leave once I post this.

11:08 pm - KHII

OK, farther into KHII right now. Still too much plot. Have just gotten to the Pirates of the Caribbean section and the "realistic" people are FREAKING ME THE FUCK OUT.

I also have weird qualms about the rushing around and opening chests (well, except for this pirate scenario when stealing is the in thing to do) especially if the owner is with me. I mean - in the Beast's castle, the Beast joins the party and wants to go rescue Belle rightwaythisveryminutenow, and I have to say: Hold on a second, dude, let me go LOOT your CASTLE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU while your girlfriend is KIDNAPPED BY HEARTLESS. There's just something not right about that.
cut for bitching about women, and KHII spoilery stuff that's only spoilery if you haven't seen the Disney movies, because they attempt to follow the damn plot of every damn movie referenced in the game, and a couple of KHI spoilersCollapse )

But I kind of liked the section where they got thrown into the past and ended up looking like early Disney B&W characters. XD
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