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a frog the size of texas

January 16th, 2007

08:41 am - Meme, back

The visited-countries memeCollapse )

I seem to have done something to my upper back, left side, a little bit under my shoulder blade, from hauling stuff around while cleaning last night. Only it didn't hurt at all until I sat down in my office chair this morning and it went HOSHITNODONTYOUDOTHAT. Ow.

On the bright side, my living room and the area where I've got my art stored is spotless if you don't look at the shelves where I've got artwork and art supplies piled haphazardly. The bedroom is still a pigsty, and the office/studio area is packed solid with books and papers and stuff, but the living room is clean and the kitchen is still clean and I MUST HAVE BEEN TAKEN OVER BY AN ALIEN.

11:36 pm

After a lot of cursing and only one trip to the hardware store to get the correct size of hardware, since the box helpfully came with the incorrect size, I now have a recumbent exercise bike and probably a lot of interesting new aches and pains. I am way too exhausted to actually ride it any tonight, though, but I had to walk about six times as far as I do on a normal day, as well as haul around large heavy pieces of recumbent bike, so I don't feel the lack of it.

I really should go to bed immediately, but I'll probably torpedo any chance of being awake at work tomorrow and instead watch an episode of QI before I crash.
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