January 20th, 2007

Kougaiji - something smells

Good news!

I am tired and smelly and sneezing at something, because ... the Yule decants that I managed to order way damn late arrived today, and I've decanted them and packaged them up and will drop by the post office Saturday morning on the way to my haircut. So the first ones should start getting to recipients on Monday, weather willing.

The five people who paid me for full sets and who are getting them mailed tomorrow are: vom_marlowe, keelieinblack, dragovianknight, sangria2, and the person named Ariel whose LJ name I always forget. :D

I've got two decants of each scent left over, but will put them up for sale in a couple of days.

I have no idea which one it is that makes me sneeze.
Mello - shiiiny


A photo gallery of the spectacular Comet McNaught that only those of us who aren't lucky enough to both live in the Southern Hemisphere and who not have viewing conditions obscured by bushfires.
Sanzo - bike


4.8 miles in 24 min today.
15.1 total - have reached Stock Road and an about to start singing.

Went 24 min today as that was the length of Whose Line Is It Anyway? without the commercials on the TiVo. :D And deliberately tried to go faster for the entire time. My legs are a wee bit wobbly and twitchy, yes. I shall probably soon start putting tension on the bike (yes, I've been wimpy and doing it without so far), at which point expect my mileage to crash. :)

The TiVo is what makes this possible - I can watch any of a number of shows and skip the commercials, which is where I usually get bored. unless it's the Strattera