January 23rd, 2007

Mello - shiiiny

Art link

The 5 contestants left in the last round of the Last Man Standing 2 Thunderdome on ConceptArt have been posted. Nice work. (I think my favorite is the Don Quixote by Vyle, and my second is the one with the semicircular fresco background by Shelly Wan.)
goku - chewing

Living in the future...

I'm eating sushi for lunch at my desk in the library. Which I purchased from the cafe-thing in the library. That still blows my mind.

California rolls rather than nigiri, because I still don't quite trust the coolers here - although I do more now that they built a refrigeration unit in the shipping room - and because the box of rolls was almost half the price of the box of nigiri. But still.
Sanzo - bike

bike today

20 min, 3.5 mi. Slower today because it's late - I worked on a press kit for ConDFW with another con staffer, and then came home and shaped up a long DA forum reply into two columns for Tpop. (I swear, I've sent him one recently that he hasn't put up yet!) Anyway, I was sorely tempted to skip the biking, but I know myself - if I skip even a day, it's that much easier to just stop and That would be Bad.* So I gave myself permission to go slow and easy and stop after a while. Slayers is perfect exercise watcing, though: I get involved enough that the time flies by. Mind you, I'm mostly involved in laughing at how bad the animation is and at how big Rezo's hair gets with each episode, but anything that keeps me entertained.

And the geekery: 27 miles total, still on the rolling Road.

* Also why I'm posting here - if I fool myself into thinking that people are waiting for an update, I feel that much more obligated to keep doing it.