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a frog the size of texas

January 27th, 2007

12:21 pm

30 min, 5.3 miles
Total: 34.5 Skulking through the woodlands beside the Road, to avoid the Black Rider.

Totally forgot about exercising yesterday until about 1AM, at which point I went to bed, because if I biked then I'd be up til 3. I may get back on the bike later today: certainly won't hurt, and might help.

08:44 pm - In need of kid gloves, anyone?

I've got three pair of kid gloves that I picked up at an estate sale a few years back that aren't doing anything but sitting around gathering dust, so I thought I'd see if anyone here wanted to buy them. :)

The kicker is - they're for people with hands slenderer than I. And the Collecting Opera Gloves site says that vintage gloves - I have no idea how old these are, but probably date from the 1950s or 60s - tend to run a size smaller than modern gloves.

I can provide pictures if you want to see them before deciding. Photos added :) All in good condition: no rips, stains, or tears.

Best offer. :)

Evening ivory kid gloves, reach over the elbow and are 16" from the base of the thumb to the end (which makes it, technically, the shortest opera glove, I think). 3 buttons at wrist, size 6 1/2. Stamp inside: "6 1/2 REAL KID LAVABILE MADOVA GLOVES FLORENCE ITALY" The company seems to still be in business, so I think they're probably pretty good. :D Photo 1 Photo 2 - Looking closely at the gloves, I noew see that the first two fingers of the left glove have a leeetle bit of dirt on them, but it's not noticeable unless you're looking closely. The shadows in these photos are just that - shadows.

Black gloves, 7" from base of thumb to end, which means they cover most of the forearm. This pair can be dated to the U.S. occupation of Germany, I think - the stamp inside reads "ARIS IMPORTED REAL KID 6 1/2 WASHABLE MADE IN GERMANY U.S.A. ZONE" Ooh, a bit of Googling turns up the infor that Aris became Aris Isotoner (and was acquired by Sara Lee in 1969). Photo 1 Photo 2 - Photo 1 shows a bit more detail; Photo 2 is the true color.

Black short gloves, 1" from base of thumb to hem. Actually hemmed, unlike the other two pair. Stamp inside one of them: "6 1/2 Lionel Le Grand." Stamp inside other: "Neiman-Marcus Made in France." Photo The color's off in that photo - it's pure black, not the weird brown it looks to be here. The medium-sized gloves above are the same color as this.

I think I'm about a size 7-7 1/2, and I can almost get my hand into the short pair. The others - no way.

08:54 pm

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