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a frog the size of texas

January 29th, 2007

08:10 am - Next column up ... finally

And it's not due to serious delay on *my* part this time. :) I'm two columns ahead right now! XD

Mechademia and Beyond, concerning the attention that the academic world is starting to show anime and manga nowadays.

10:50 pm

30 min, 5.8 mi
Total: 45.9 Heard the Black Rider again, the Elves arrive and save our asses, and now heading for the evening's camp.

11:32 pm - BPAL sale!

Now moved over to sinandsalvation here.

Posted here for you guys first, then I'll post it to the BPAL communities later. Mostly Yule 2006 leftover decants, with a few others, including some DSH samples.

BPAL sale. All prices include postage in US & Canada, plz to be adding $1 to the order if to any other country. All flavors Paypal taken - credit card/bank transfer/echeck to sfolse (at) cepheid (dot) org; Paypal balance transfer to telophase14 (at) gmail (dot) com.

oyceter, I've got a Yule 2006 set aside for you.
rachel_renee, I've got an Herr Drosselmeyer set aside for you.
blissfish: if no one else grabs it first, I've got a non-BPAL sample from Beyond the Pale that is almost entirely vetiver, from what I can smell. :) I've also got The Darkling Thrush and Black Ice set aside for you, if you still want to try them.

All under hereCollapse )

And now I'm going to bed, and I'll deal with anyone who wants to buy something in the morning. First-come, first-serve. :)
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