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a frog the size of texas

February 4th, 2007

01:38 am - Foooooood

I made a brown rice dish today. Recipe under the cutCollapse )

02:24 am - BPAL

I got an order of BPAL today. I'd forgotten I ordered so many bottles. :D Six bottles and thus they threw in twelve imps, six of which I already had, but six I hadn't.

Read more...Collapse )
Read more...Collapse )

10:52 am

My cat is an immoral, thieving slut, stealing money and running around naked!

I found a dollar under the couch the other day*, and at some point last night she managed to pop her collar off and is currently running around without it. I haven't put it back on yet because it needs to be washed.

Not sure how it came off. I have an empty fold-up hamper over in the art storage area of the living room - you can fold it and twist it down somehow so that it collapses to a flat thing to store. I haven't figured out what I'm going to put in it yet, so it's mostly been serving as an ineffective hiding place for the cat - ineffective because she creeps into it and lurks there like I can't see her, and yet it's made of mesh. My cat, she is not so hot with the logic. Anyway, it's now a few feet over, partially collapsed, and trapped between the chair and the bike, and ehr collar was on the floor a couple of feet away. Obviously, some sort of drama happened after I went to bed last night but before I went to sleep - she jumped on the bed and I remember noticing that her collar was missing.

* It probably says something about my family that I assumed the cat stole it, but that Mom assumed, when I told her, that she'd gotten some sort of part-time job.

01:52 pm - Memery

World mapCollapse )
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