February 6th, 2007

Cats - Sora and Nefer

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For those who want the Last Unicorn DVD, a note from Neil Gaiman's blog:
And I keep meaning to mention that if you order a copy the new special edition Last Unicorn DVD from the Conlan Press site, half the money goes to Peter Beagle, and your copy will be signed, as opposed to ordering it from anywhere else in which case it won't be signed by anyone, and Peter won't see a penny. http://www.conlanpress.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc
manji - not happy

Dreamweaver ugh

I've got my copy of Dreamweaver more-or-less beat into submission, but now, when I go to open a document, it's inexplicably started opening up at the same directory every time. What's annoying is that it's not the directory I usually use, so I have to navigate out of that to the one I use every single time. I can't find a place in Dreamweaver that tells it where to go first when opening documents - anyone out there know?

I don't quite remember what it used to open as - it was before the Christmas break and I've slept since then - but I think it jsut started at the top of the directory hierarchy.

And no smug posts from people saying they use Notepad. I like that Dreamweaver closes tags for me, because it's (a) less typing for me and (b) cuts way down on the number of stupid mistakes I make from mistyping the closing tags. Plus (c), Dreamweaver templates, so I don't have to change every.single.page on this other site I maintain when there's a change in navigation (I'm stuck on a server that won't allow includes).