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a frog the size of texas

February 10th, 2007

11:40 am

I feel like a total idiot now. Woke up, still had this headache that's been dogging me since Thursday night, and declared it a migraine. Decided to eat before taking the Relpax, and also refilled the pill bottle I keep in my bag since this was the next-to-last one in there. The headache never got any better, and two hours later I stopped watching TV and took Advil, figuring it must have been a bad tension headache and not a migraine.

And just now put a hand in my robe's pocket and discovered the Relpax that I was going to take after breakfast. :/

03:13 pm - Insight into the creative mind.

...from the correspondence between me and rachelmanija as regards the Next Thing on which we are working. There is no connection between statements, and they're pretty much out of order anyway. :)

telophase: When renumbering to account for the new layout for page 11, I found that to make it fit in 40 pages you'd not only added a second page 20, but a second page 33.

rachelmanija: Feel free to add panels depicting snowy vistas, stupas, yaks, and other non-humanoid sights commonly seen in Tibet. ;)

telophase: I merely had to search for "gay tibetan monks rachel" in my Gmail account to find it, although on second thought I probably could have removed the "rachel," as I do not, with regularity, correspond with people other than you about gay Tibetan monks, shocking as that
confession may be.

rachelmanija: I like watching naked men stretch.

telophase: This sentence from a random webpage made me giggle: "In this combat one is armed with sword an shield and the other with as pear. "

rachelmanija: Of course, feel free to totally mess with my fight descriptions, then demand that I rewrite the dialogue to suit them, you dictator, you.

telophase: Have been unable to find any images ir good descriptions. Have resorted to modeling several of Rinchen's poses on actual leopards. Well, ok, housecats.

rachelmanija: This is going to be the most well-researched piece of erotica ever. Wonder if anyone will notice.

03:56 pm - Food allergies?

Any of you HS seniors or college students who will be in college or grad school next fall? Do you have a food allergy? You could win a scholarship.

08:36 pm

30 min, 5.6 mi.
93.4 mi total. Following the path Merry found to the east.

10:16 pm - One thousand and one nights

I read volumes 2 and 3 of the manhwa One Thousand and One Nights, the shoujo-ish retelling of the classic tale with the sort of CRACK-INSPIRED twists that we expect from this genre. There is a mad Sultan who takes a new wife every night and kills her in the morning, and who is rather hot except for that whole mass-murder thing. There is a scruffy Grand Vizier, who is also kinda hot and wears glasses, thus rachelmanija will probably rush right out and buy it. There is a Scheherazade, only this one happens to be a beautiful young man who dressed up as a woman and offered himself in his sister's place. Did I happen to mention that his sister loves him? I mean, loves him? Yeah, you'd probably all assumed that before I mentioned it, knowing the genre and all.

Anyway, yes, young Sehara, our Scheherazade, tells the mad Sultan stories (and plot happens in between the stories, involving bandits and kidnapping and so on). These are retellings of stories and legends from around the world, that most of us are probably familiar with.

In a story in book 3 I was confronted with a shoujo version of ... well, you know what? This calls for a poll! Below this cut you shall find a picture of this person and a poll for you to guess who he might be. Have at it!

You think you're ready for this? BRING IT ON!!Collapse )
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10:20 pm - The answer to the poll!

Don't click on the cut until you've read my previous entry and voted in the poll.

So, who was that mysterious man?Collapse )
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11:30 pm - I put it to you...

I have spent some time constructing a well-thought-out, logical argument for rachelmanija as to why she should pick up the One Thousand and One Nights manhwa.

There are three points I'd like to address.Collapse )
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