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a frog the size of texas

February 12th, 2007

11:11 am - Speaking of anime...

ADV Films is haing a massive sale right now. (Too bad there's nothing I want to buy.) A few manga, soundtracks, and merchandise near the very bottom. Also includes some SF TV shows like Farscape and Andromeda.

Also: I have a seriously geeky desire to eat food that I've heard of in anime and manga that I really can't get here in North Texas when I get to Japan. I'm not talking stuff like miso or ramen or Pocky or sushi, all of which is easily obtainable here, but things like okonomiyaki (Ranma 1/2) and takoyaki (just about everything). So: your mission is to list Japanese food from anime and manga. Bonus points for listing the anime/manga it's from. :) P.S. No natto. The taste probably wouldn't bother me, but I have a serious aversion to things of that texture. :)
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04:21 pm


I think my favorite bit is actually the commentors arguing over the correct honorific for poo.

07:30 pm - BPAL: The Snake Pit

I went in on a decant circle run by loligo for BPAL's Carnaval Diabolique: The Snake Pit, which is a set of oils with their Snake Oil as a base.

These are my first impressions of them, plus the frimps that came with them, in the vial - I haven't tried any on yet.

Onward to the smelly stuff!Collapse )

10:53 pm

20 min, 3.5 mi.
Total: 101.6 Wandering amidst the Barrow-downs.
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