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a frog the size of texas

February 13th, 2007

12:58 am - Spindrift preview pic

Finished! At least inked. I made a cursory attempt at laying in tones, then said the hell with it.

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09:18 am - Spindrift

Yo, rachelmanija! The Spindrift pic is uploaded over at DeviantArt and Tokyopop, and ComicSpace. Phew. I need one tool that will submit work to all of these places.

And here, have a reasonably crappy icon, since I had to make one for ComicSpace:

(I only get 250 characters for the description on COmicSpace, so it's much much shorter, and the Tpop description field doesn't allow links or paragraphs. Lovely.)

10:41 am - Ai-yi-yi! *wants*

A post over on bentolunch today features a miniature microwave steamer made to do steamed buns one at a time, but which is the perfect size to do single servings of vegetables and the like. telophase wants! But it's available only at Daiso stores, a Japanese cut-rate chain, of which there are only five in the States, in the Washington and California areas. At least, none of my Googling has turned up anything that small available online. It looks to be the perfect size to take to work to heat up meat buns or single-serving veg for lunch.

Naturally, I could put it on my List o'Things to Looks For in Japan this fall I am going to buy so many bento boxes..., unless one of you kind souls happens to be somewhere near a Daiso and is willing to get one for me. *puppy-dog eyes*

ETA: I may have a handle on one, wheeee!

11:22 am

Believe it or not, I have actually done actual work today, in between LJ posts. (Working from home, so the connection's slow, and there's down time while waiting for things to open, close, or update. :D)

Documentary: March of the Librarians. SO TRUE.

11:30 pm - Bento!

I bought a box of random bento stuff off of eBay, and it arrived today. (I recommend looking at smlingcutie's other auctions for small bento boxes at the best Buy It Now prices I've found yet on eBay - and she ships fast.)

So, naturally, I had to do something with them, and prepared lunch for tomorrow, in a semi-fancy manner. :D I thought I'd photograph it, because I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm never actually going to do anything this fancy - even though it's not that fancy - again, and just shove leftovers into the box. :)

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