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a frog the size of texas

February 17th, 2007

05:47 pm - BPAL Inquisition!

I submitted to the BPAL Inquisition at the Black Phoenix Trading Post. My shirt and scent arrived today, and I got...

drum roll please...Collapse )

06:23 pm

3.6 mi, 20 min.
Total: 121.2 mi. Riding north with Tom Bombadil.

10:42 pm - Ow!

It's a friend's birthday, so she and her husband treated a bunch of us to bowling and pizza. We eventually got the pizza - we'd been there an hour and they hadn't brought it out, so my friend went and complained. Then an hour later, they hadn't brought it out, so my friend went to complain that the group next to us, which had gotten there some time after us, had already gotten their pizza and finished it. At which point she discovered that they'd brought the pizza out ... to the wrong group. Yup, to the people next to us. We eventually got pizza, and the manager brought it out to us.

I bowled two games and sat out the third and fourth because you know? Bowling? With a bad back? So not a good idea. Owwwwwwwwww.

On the bright side, I hadn't bowled in, like, fifteen years and I didn't completely suck, I just mostly sucked. I managed to hit pins at least once during the frame for most frames, and twice I got strikes, and once I picked up a spare. :) My lovely score? 58 the first time and 64 the second. :D
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