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a frog the size of texas

February 19th, 2007

12:39 pm - High-calorie, low-fat foods/recipes?

Looking for suggestions for high-cal, low-fat foods & recipes - I've realized that part of my inability to eat enough calories* is due to the Strattera reducing my appetite, because these past few days it's been even harder to eat enough, coinciding directly with the increase in dosage.**

I can think of any number of things that are high-cal high-fat, and I could eat a million baked potatoes smothered in butter and cheese and sour cream,*** but that wouldn't be a really positive change overall. :) I've started poking about online, but so far most of the pages I'm seeing don't want to give me a list of such things, instead they want to let me know that those low-fat foods I'm buying aren't doing me any good if they're high-calorie because excess calories are excess calories. Well, yes, I'm rather counting on that, actually.

So: suggestions of foods you can think of that are high-cal, reasonably low-fat gratefully accepted. Laying off the dairy because of the lactose-intolerance thing would be good, and I loathe and despise squash.**** In case anyone got a hair to suggest anything involving squash.

I may make some potato-leek soup tonight. I've got a carton of lactose-free 2% milk, which should help.

* A problem that I've rarely had outside of being sick.

** I'm not considering lowering the dosage at this point until I've been on it long enough to see if there's been any other change - at this point, I'm gaining enough other good benefits from the meds that I am perfectly happy to deal with the appetite issue. :)

*** Number slightly exaggerated, but only slightly.

**** Wish I didn't. Many recipes sound absolutely delicious, if it weren't for that nasty squash in them. But I've tried over the years, and I doubt I'm going to suddenly change now.

***** This footnote is orphaned.

****** So is this one, but it also contains content: I just added "recipes" to the post, because I realize that yes, fruits and vegetables pack a good deal of caloric energy into small packages, but I'll eat them more if I can find new ways of preparing them. :) I get bored easily unless I looove a particular food.
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